Architecture has the ability to lift the spirit, to inspire, awe, provide joy and delight. Bringing these qualities to projects is fundamental to our work. We have a long track record of built projects demonstrating the ability to bring delight into built form.


With a rapidly warming global climate, an important imperative of our time is to create projects that are energy efficient and produce as few carbon emissions as possible. With seven billion people now on the planet, each project should strive to minimize its ecological impact or even to improve site ecology.


Each project exists in a unique context and strives to embody the aspirations and imperatives of that specific place, its people and its time. The past and future also influence a work as do broader regional and even global concerns.

Creating compact, vibrant and livable cities that are cultural repositories, potentially sustainable communities and economic drivers is an important goal for architecture. As important as the buildings themselves is the space between buildings; therefore, contributions to the public realm, or common space, are a consideration for each new building or group of buildings.


Each project has its own unique programmatic requirements and functional needs that must be fulfilled. These requirements, however, can and do change with time, sometimes very rapidly, so it becomes important that projects be designed to be flexible. Intensely program-driven architecture is bound for obsolescence. Flexible, enduring buildings are those that focus on the quality and proportion of space, natural light, fresh air, thermal comfort and delight.


Effective teamwork and excellent communications between all involved on a project are key to a successful outcome and a guiding principle of our studio. Making architecture is a collaborative process involving many people working together.