Ma House Renovation

Vancouver, BC

Architect: Daniel Evan White Architect (Andrew Larigakis role was as Project Architect for the 1998 renovation while at Daniel Evan White Architect).

This iconic Vancouver house on North-West Marine drive by Daniel Evan White underwent a major renovation to the exterior and interior in 1998.

On the exterior, the house was re-clad and re-roofed and a new garden was planted. Incorporated into the design was a new waterfall was that runs along the cascading stairs leading to the front entry. Inside, major upgrades were done to the kitchen, washrooms and other spaces. A new media room was installed at the lower level with a home theatre tied in to a new whole building management system that controls lighting, heating, music and security. The mechanical system was upgraded with the new system drawing excess heat from the building and using it to heat the swimming pool – an innovation at the time. The level of detailed design for the home extended right down to custom door hardware and furnishings throughout.