West Vancouver Community Centre North Plaza

West Vancouver, BC

Architects: Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects (Andrew Larigakis role was as Project Architect for HBBH. He was  involved from the early design phase through to completion of construction).

This project for the District of West Vancouver included the master planning and creation of a new Civic Square to be associated with the existing Ice Arena, Renovated Pool and future Community Centre.

This important new gathering area for West Vancouver, completed in 2002, was developed with consideration given to the local context and its own unique character. Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle circulation carefully considered as was the integration of  ancillary uses like a basketball court and play area. The new underground parkade utilized every opportunity to bring in natural light and to provide safe and highly visible entry. The glazed canopy over the main parkade stair integrates the custom light poles designed for the site that have associated site specific lighting bollards.

A major component of the project was the creation of a district energy system for the site that would significantly decrease energy consumption. The project was an early local example where excess heat was taken from an ice rink and used to heat other buildings. In this case the heat was used to heat the adjacent swimming pool. A large ground-source geo-exchange (geothermal) field was built under the grassed area to the south of the site. The heating and cooling from this field fed into the centralized mechanical room to be distributed where needed.