Quest University Canada, Squamish, BC

Architects: Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects (Andrew Larigakis role was as Project Architect for HBBH. He was  involved from the early design phase through to completion of construction).

Cost: $60 M    Completed 2007


Library. Photo – A. Larigakis


Quest University is the first private, non-profit and  non-secular liberal arts and sciences university in Canada. The campus opened its doors in 2007 and has been successfully growing since that time. The work of the architectural team on this project was to develop the master plan and then design and oversee construction of the first four buildings on the greenfield site. These buildings were: the Academic Building,  Library, Services Building and Recreation Building.

The Academic Building was developed on a unique model that incorporated seminar rooms, breakout rooms (but no classrooms)  surrounding a curving central courtyard. For more info:

The Library was developed as a resource for all types of media and as a Welcome centre for the campus. For more info:

The Services Building included the campus dining hall, cafeteria meeting rooms and a large multi-function gathering space. For more info:

The Recreation Centre includes a gym designed to the NCAA competition level for basketball but is suitable for many types of sports and activities. For more info:

The campus design was developed to minimize its impact on the environment. Ground-source heating and cooling (geothermal) was used for buildings. Good natural daylighting was provided while solar heat gain and glare was minimized utilizing external sun shading and ceramic frit glazing. Water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting was used throughout. All storm water was dealt with on site using nature infiltration and bio-swales. Local materials were widely used including concrete from a nearby batch plant and wood from local industries.

Academic Building Courtyard. Photo by A. Larigakis
Academic Building Courtyard. Photos – A. Larigakis


Academic Building - Lab. Photo by A. Larigakis
Academic Building – Lab