The Centre for Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Vancouver, BC

University Services Building, The University of British Columbia

The client, UBC Risk Management Services, recognizes that the health and well-being of employees is a worthwhile investment that pays significant dividends in terms of staff satisfaction, retention, productivity and the reduction of absenteeism. This project on the Vancouver campus is a 4,000 square foot tenant improvement that includes a fitness area, multi-purpose room, treatment areas for physiotherapy, massage and counselling rooms, as well as showers, change areas and washrooms. The Multi-purpose room is available for both training and fitness activities. The shower and change areas serve the Wellness Centre and also act as end-of-trip facilities for the cyclists within the building and broader campus neighbourhood.

Partnerships have been created within the University to operate the facility and take advantage of the expertise available, and build upon the idea of UBC as a living lab. The Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre is one of the operators providing professional and personalized programs for staff health and well-being.

The organic and fluid quality of the design along with a considered lighting strategy and the extensive use of wood are some of the elements that are used to convey the idea of wellness and enhance a sense well-being within the facility.