2 Old Brewery Mews – London, UK

Architects: Carl Falck Associates (Andrew Larigakis role was as Project Architect for CFA. He was  involved from the early design phase through to completion of construction).


An 18th century brewery building in Hampstead, London was given a new life and program as an office building for a property company. The five-storey building was completely gutted and carefully refurbished from the inside out with new executive office space added with a new penthouse discreetly integrated on the top level.

In addition to providing high quality, modern office space the project included innovative structures like a glass-floored atrium and bridge, and steel columns that doubled as fresh air supply ducts. Enhanced daylighting was provided using light shelves on window interiors and skylights. The project, completed in 1992, was meticulously designed, detailed and crafted throughout by the project team. The total cost was $6 million.