Holtby Residence – West Vancouver, BC

ArchitectDaniel Evan White Architect (Andrew Larigakis role was as Project Architect for Daniel Evan White Architect. He was  involved from the early design phase through to completion of construction).

This new waterfront house for a family in West Vancouver featured an ambitious hyperbolic parabola shaped roof.

While the house has many amazing spaces and unique details, the roof is its most striking and original element. The roof structure is composed of parallel steel beams with the beams and roof as a whole curving in two directions. Between every second set of perpendicular beams a skylight is placed in the square created. The house is intimately connected with the landscape both at the various grades on the sloping site but also to the changing weather and light experienced through the skylights.

Spiral stair and edge of hyperbolic parabaloid roof
Exterior entry passage with roof and skylights
3-story glass wall with glass and aluminum fin bracing
holtby-1-featured image
View from the south