Renovation and Addition – Vancouver, BC

This dining room addition and modern renovation to a small house provided much needed space to a young family. This twenty-first century dining area was designed as “the place where it all happens”.  A place for dining and entertaining is also a place for work, homework, art projects and the display of collected art and artifacts. A wall between the small living room and kitchen was removed exposing a step brick chimney and opening up space significantly.

Exposed steel structure supports a vaulted roof finished in oak strips. A side counter, work station and display space is topped with a salvaged beam from a 1940’s ice arena. A bent steel plate provides a counter bar and screens the kitchen area from the dining area.

All available space was made use of without creating cramped conditions. Due to space constraints and a lack of storage in the house, storage space was built in below a window seat and a long counter in the dining space.

The modern renovation employs contrasts to give life and vibrancy to the space. Materials are both smooth and textured, shiny and matte, curved and straight, light in colour and dark. Lighting is carefully considered and flexible allowing adjustments for different times of day, work and moods.

2891-1-featured image
Dining Area. Photo by K. Gunnert.
Work area, bar and kitchen. Photo by K. Gunnert.
Fireplace exposed during renovations